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This morning...
Man is gold robe at the door of my store: "Are you busy?"
Me sweeping the floor: "uh no"
"God loves you. Are you pregnant?"
"Not yet. Do you have children?"
"Not yet. Are you married?"
"Not yet."
At which point I turned around hoping he had gone and he had.

I don't really have anything else to say about that.

The other night one of the boy's friends decided the world doesn't deserve to exist because people don't enjoy their jobs. 85% of people apparently. He came to this conclusion because he didn't get a job he felt perfectly suited to. Ah melodramatic responses to personal let down.

It did however get me thinking about work life balance. Something I previously enforced upon myself and now utterly lack. I think that overall society would be much improved by job sharing and everyone being able to live off of part time work. People would no longer use there free time to kill brain cells and try to recover from their working week exhaustion but would begin to use it to pursue area or genuine interest. The more self aware and engaged people become as individuals the better society becomes.

It is nobody's responsibility but my own to design my life for my fulfillment and maintain my own well-being. The more well adjusted I am the better I am able to innovate, analyse and serve the wider world. I cannot fall into the trap of claiming to be "much put upon" by the world because it is my own choices that have made my world. This idea drives most of my choices and interactions.

I feel like this stage in my life is about building a foundation for my life. To achieve balance of security and freedom. There's a great deal involved in this for me. Place, materials, relationships, community, health, habits and self esteem. There's also the insecurity that I wont have achieved it in time to experience the next part: being utterly open to what comes and saving the rest of the damned world of course.
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