mousparreau (elysiarenee) wrote,


I dreamed that my teeth fell apart and out

I woke up to regurgitated rat parts
on soft furnishings
and couldn't think or anything to eat for breakfast
that was different enough to stomach

I settled on berries
then passed a mulberry tree
longed for being inside mine at Medindie
the fancy home my father suffered inside

How I hugged the tree Lisbon style
and then kept its sawdust
in a tacky pewter tooth keeper

the cats eyes flood black when they kill
you forgive them because they are familiars
and the rat was not
because it is natural for them
though for you it's not

Then you clean up the mess of their error:
that they don't even know anymore
what will make them sick to eat

Mulberries are specific to silkworms
I don't know if other leaves starve or poison
or produce an inferior expression of thread
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