mousparreau (elysiarenee) wrote,

learned or relearned

lessons from 2009 to take into 2010

10) You can count on Joss Whedon to make great tv...eventually and usually once it's too late to save it from cancellation. Dollhouse started horribly but with conceptual potential and is ending leagues ahead of anything it's peers could hope to be. Too late though. Bring on the new media revolution.

9) It's hard work turning what you want into what you really, really want and need. Starting my own business this year has actually made me more rather than less dependent on my Mother's financial support. It has also made me work harder for less benefit and have limited freedom. I still think you get out what you put in and we need to put more in this year. Furthermore, it has already - and will continue to - pay off in non-financial ways.

8) There's not enough time for everything and as I always suspected sacrificing free time and relaxation simply does not work. I have finally figured out quite specifically what I want to do with my life and it's causing me to overcommit myself like never before! In 2010 I will pull back so that I can be my best.

7) Doing the same thing rarely leads to different results whereas grabbing new opportunities provides even more opportunities.

6) Soulmates return to your life and, by their very nature, never left your soul. The returning has happened to me enough now that I am beginning to count on it, which is a nice thing to be able to trust the universe about. I am also very adept as dealing with separation from them by geography and time; keeping them always in my heart and thoughts. I wouldn't be surprised if there are new ones to come either.

5) It's incredibly complicated to attempt to be an ethical business in an amoral industry/world

4) Be immediately upfront about problems to avoid bad blood no point being overnice and ignoring misgivings when it will make it more difficult for everyone in the long term.

3) Love is a monster that makes monsters of the best of us this is another I already knew but relearned this year from a new perspective. I am exceptionally forgiving to those under the influence of love. It's hard to pull the dagger out when you think you'll bleed to death if you do.

2) There is hope for the future and I'm going to be part of the change.

1) Everything is always moving and that is exactly the way it should be. I learn this over and over, to the point that it's tattoo worthy member or my core beliefs. I'm not sure though, if tattoo is the right medium to express this concept.
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